In mid-2009, the W/CDC Board acknowledged that the eastside community we served had experienced massive population, housing and business loss, and decided to tackle the problem head on from a community perspective. We partnered with seven community development organizations serving the lower eastside from Alter Road to Mt. Elliott, East Warren to the Detroit River. Together with community residents and technical advisors, we are working to create a plan, with short-term projects and long-term directions, for reverting vacant land and property to productive uses, recognizing that we would probably not see “re-population” in the foreseeable future. Now called “LEAP” – Lower Eastside Action Plan – the project has been funded by the Erb Family Foundation, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). Find out how to GET INVOLVED!

For more information on LEAP contact Alisha Opperman, DNPE Community Engagement Project Manager at: (313) 331-3427, E-mail: aopperman@warrenconner.org, or e-mail us at:  leapdetroit@gmail.com.

Also check out the LEAP Phase II Summary Report available online now!

To view photos of LEAP’s actionable project launch (Tree Planting) Click  Here!

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